It’s time to start focusing on the Self, & it’s not selfish.

This way we can get our lives back on track with what we truly desire in life.

By bringing the focus back to ourselves, we can tap back into our inner child & learn to love life like never before.

VegetablyAware is here to help you question the boundaries you have limited yourself to, and to help empower you to live to your highest potential.

By bringing the awareness back to the self, we can heal the inner child, and express our authenticity without regrets. Now that’s a life worth living!

My name is Cecelia.

I am a mental health advocate, psychology student, future wife, & blogger who is striving to empower those recovering from mental illness & helping normalize mental health.

Heal your mind. Heal your body.

If you’ve been paying attention to the signs in your life, you probably know that there is something more to life than what you have been told.

This can affect your mind, body, and soul as it wants a more FULFILLING & MEANINGFUL life!

Each one of us have our OWN path. This means what is meant for one is not always meant for another. People experience what is meant for them and their soul growth/purpose on this earth.

Awakened people are all around you, going through their spiritual journey at different velocities. It can be scary, lonely, and make you feel bat shit crazy.

We evolve at our own speed and in our own directions.

There is a new way of thinking, of living, and it’s not religious by any means, but a conscious lifestyle.

Unfortunately some of us are waking up much faster than others and it’s super depressing. I feel that 100% and it’s lonely sometimes.

I am here to help you find peace with the spiritual awakening experiences you may go through.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

-Carl Jung

My Latest Posts:

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vegetablyaware spiritual awakening blog

It’s your duty to find yourself, fully and truly.

Find yourself at the deepest of depths and the highest of highs in your life. It’s in this rollercoaster of life that we truly connect with our higher selves.

Go inward and connect with yourself. Breathe. Meditate. Smile.

You get to know who you are underneath all of the lies and deceit you’ve been fed in your lifetime.

Invest in yourself. Improve yourself everyday.

By getting to know yourself, you’ll find your true passions in life. When you find your passions, dive deeply into them with no regret.

The universe rewards those who follows their hearts. The universe rewards those who live in their truth.

Where we see lack in our lives is where we much grow inside.. so if you’re feeling more lonely or sad because of the EXTERNAL reality, change your INTERNAL reality.

vegetablyaware spiritual awakening blog

By doing the INNER work, we change our OUTER reality.

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