8 Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms in 2020

Waking up can make you feel like you’re going a little…insane, at first. I promise it’s actually SO worth it, but it’s deff not easy. I am sure your interest in spirituality and your own personal journey has brought you here. Welcome.

I want to explain to the best of my abilities all of the signs that the Universe brought to my attention while becoming aware of this whole process. Part of me wants to hold back, and translate my language to fit the societal ‘norm’ of talking about how life should be.

I have a calling that millions of others are starting to experience the shift in consciousness as we go from the ‘old’ to ‘new’ Earth. Honestly, I need to let you come to your own conclusion to what exactly that is.

I promise you I will not hold back, as much as my ego wants me to stay comfortable and keep this information to myself. It’s been in my journey of ‘self-exploration’ if you will, that I have recognized many instances and synchronicities in my daily life.

It’s in these patterns that I have started to pick up on just what this whole life thing is about. Really, ‘waking up’ is really becoming more conscious and aware of your life and the present moment.

It’s been a really complex and deep experience for myself, and I believe each of us has our OWN path to the ultimate truth. You know, to each their own..?

If you check out my blog, A little bit about my journey, you can learn… a bit about my journey! Through this experience of sharing my experiences and life lessons, so many like-minded souls have come to appreciate the knowledge being spread.

I want you to know that you aren’t alone; you aren’t crazy, weird, or different. Well maybe you are, but it’s those that are stuck in the same patterns and cycles that are really the ‘weird’ ones. Anyways, there is a purpose for this experience, and everything truly does happen for a reason.

There is a reason you are reading these words, and having the thoughts you do. There is a purpose for your life, and I promise you’ll find it. Also, this shit never ends, so buckle up for a wild ass ride.

Success! You're in!

Here are 8 signs and symptoms that you are experiencing your own spiritual awakening:

  1. You see 11:11 everytime you look at the clock, or see other number sequences like 111, 222, 333, 444, etc. on car plates or receipts. These are meant to make you recognize the pattern. These are ‘messages’ from the spirit realm. Oh yeah, did I mention we are straight up spiritual beings having a human experience?! We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational Universe. You are limitless my friend. Connect with yourself, and master your reality.
  2. You feel attracted to eating less meat, animal products, or processed foods in general. Good for you, and honestly this can be one of the biggest things that can catalyst an awakening. By cutting out low vibrational and taking in more organic, fresh foods, you can stay high vibed all the time; heightening your intuition, mental clarity, and overall well-being.
  3. You feel called to follow your heart, or go against the grain to satisfy yourself for once. Keeping others happy or fulfilling others needs over your own only gives your many reasons to regret not living YOUR own best life. Don’t be too busy filling up others cups, that you dim your own light, lowering your own vibe.
  4. You lose close friends or family that no longer ‘vibe’ with you. When you become more conscious, others ego’s may sense this and become uncomfortable with changing their beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, or habits on certain areas of life. This doesn’t mean you can’t love each other, but you just won’t be able to really relate on the same level anymore. On the bright side, you’ll ultimately attract situations and people that bring your relationships that are your vibrational match! Yay for staying true to yourself!
  5. You are interested in learning more about the metaphysical; intuition, spirituality, astrology, tarot, conscious living, yoga, etc. These are great ways to connect with yourself and consciously get in a zone to make the best decisions for your life. I have been following energy readings, astrology, and moon cycles for a couple years now and it’s pretty creepy how accurate the information is.
  6. You feel called to work on yourself, and really fall down the rabbit hole into this whole awakening. Suddenly, your health, mental and physical, is very important. You appreciate investing in your self, and your future. You understand that without working on yourself, you won’t see anything in your outer reality change.
  7. You question EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. This was the biggest thing for me in this process. I say, never stop questioning life. It always delivers in some insane, magical way. You’re not crazy, you’re just smart enough to not believe everything you are told.
  8. You feel insane, and just can’t put your finger on on how or why you feel that way, but you KNOW there is something more to this existence. Same. Don’t worry, perfectly normal. The universe WANTS you to look!

Remember, everyone experiences their own journey, and this may or may not resonate with you. I hope it does, and it gives you some reassurance that we are all experiencing this. It’s those that choose to question and wake up that truly get to enjoy life’s treasures.

These examples are only what I have come to realize is shared with other beings. What have you experienced in your awakening? Share it with me in the comments below!

Published by Cecelia June Losinger

An old soul brining perspective to a new world. Welcome to my world, where we are all consciously creating our realities & transcending our past traumas.

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