Cecelia June Losinger

Blogger, Podcast Host, & CBD Specialist

Launched in April of 2019 as an outlet for inspiration for souls navigating their spiritual experience, VegetablyAware is quickly expanding into a collective of spiritually awakened badasses who continuously expand their consciousness!

If you love all things metaphysical & mystical, you’ll feel right at home here! You can expect to find uplifting intuitive messages, life lessons & experiences, guidance, and inspiration monthly on my blog! 

If you’re new here, I recommend reading A bit about my journey.. All of the knowledge shared on this site has been tried and true by myself, and with others discussed in my daily life. Join my Newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay up to date with anything cool & new!

By researching into topics that consume my mind, I am able to process and share what I have been learning with you. I am only 22, but I promise I am an old soul who is getting the hang of things, again. I have friends of all ages, at different stages in their awakening; so don’t feel crazy if you are 65, or 16 going through this shit.

I started VegetablyAware to connect with other like-minded souls, and to help spread awareness to those searching for answers. My love for spirituality began when I was born (basically), and has only grown stronger as life goes on!

I enjoy staying active in my free time; practicing yoga, walking or playing with my dogs, or going to the gym (if I feel like it)! My main hobby is diving deep into the metaphysical aspects of your existence, and figuring out what everything means and how it applies to life itself.

Who I am:
  • 22 years old
  • Vegetarian of 16 years
  • Fiance & Dog Mom
  • Empath & Intuitive Messenger
  • Spiritual Blogger & Coach
  • Podcast Host of ‘Waking Up With Cece’
  • CBD Specialist & Store Manager of Cannafyl CBD

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