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Conscious Living for the Awakened Soul.

Welcome the #ConsciousSoulFam, where we strongly believe that we can master the game of life & create a reality that actually serves us while you serve others! Expect to have AHA & major relatable moments and life lessons learned on a weekly basis. We vibing.

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Quarantine: Purging & Healing Our Souls

Episode 4: Quarantine: Purging & Healing Our Souls

Elephant in the room here, obviously the Coronavirus & all of that is going on. There’s no toilet paper anywhere, and everyone is kind of in a state of panic and confusion. Should we worry? Should we not worry? We are kind of worrying at this point.

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Holding Your Frequency ft. @spiritinfluencer

Episode 3: Holding Your Frequency ft. @spiritinfluencer

Were you #bornawake? Find out with my first interview ft. Rebecca, or @spiritinfluencer on Instagram! In this episode I will:

  • Share an AWESOME win from this week involving my mindset & relationship with Universe & trusting the process!
  • Meet & talk with Rebecca about her mission, views, and discuss topics on you can HOLD your frequency (all the time!)

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The Illusion-Work/Life Balance

Episode 2: The Illusion-Work/Life Balance

Mercury Retrograde has got me in those work/life balance feels. For real though, it’s about time that we call ourselves out on escaping our reality & over-working until we reach burnouts. When was the last time you really dedicated time to something that makes your heart sing?

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Be the Black Sheep & Never Go Back to Sleep

Episode 1: Be the Black Sheep & Never Go Back to Sleep

In this episode I will discuss: 

  • What you can expect from this podcast
  • Who I am
  • How my life led up to this moment
  • My spiritual mission

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